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Ridgid Heddle Loom

Let’s talk about our loom…..

All of the products at aslii thari are hand woven on a small and handy loom – The Rigid Heddle loom. Let’s break down the name and figure out how it’s used. As the name suggests the Rigid Heddle Loom has a Rigid frame called the Rigid Heddle Reed. These reeds have slots and holes through which the yarn is threaded for the warp.

The yarns are alternatively threaded through the hole in the heddle like structure and the slit formed between the two heddles placed. The yarns in the slits can move freely while those in the holes stay relatively fixed with tension. Raising and lowering the reed creates a space called ‘shed’ through which the weft is woven.

The most unique factor about the Rigid Heddle Loom is that the reed functions as both the heddle used for warping and the reed used for beating.

We in aslii thari experiment with colours, textures, yarns and techniques to create unique weaves on this loom. You will be surprised by the million possibilities this small loom has to offer. Check out our photo albums for some colourful and experimental weaves.