About Us

Hi Wefties!!!!

We are aslii thari, a weaving startup based in Hyderabad. We’re absolutely crazy about everything weaving and love creating pretty products out of the mesmerising fabrics woven on our rigid heddle looms.

The creative force behind aslii thari is Vaishnavi Ramesh, a passionate photographer who captures vivid colours, gorgeous landscapes and life. Her weaving journey began by weaving book covers using leftover quilling paper. The interplay of colours and the intricate patterns fascinated her to no end. This led her to experiment different techniques to create unique and beautiful weaves. As time evolved, her materials and tools evolved with it. Paper strips became yarns and slit paper frames were replaced by a rigid heddle loom.

Her first fabric woven on the rigid heddle loom was inspired by the fabled kanchi weaves.

Kanchi checks and the temple inspired “rekku” motifs using traditional colours like red, green, orange and yellow were woven using korvai techniques. These vibrant fabrics went on to become the first ever bag collection sold on our very own aslii thari.

That is exactly how it all started for us, we in aslii thari experiment on different weaves and yarns and convert them into quirky products to give you the best of handloom.

We are an Eco- friendly brand who are not only passionate about weaving but also dream of sharing our love for colours and weaves with fellow enthusiasts. We would love to share our knowledge and gush about the different weaves with those as hypnotised as us about weaving.

So stay tuned!!! more content coming your way soon.

Yours Lovingly,

aslii thari